Kristie Tobias

Kristie Tobias is a Huron Consulting Group Healthcare Consultant, Studer Group Coach and National Speaker. She has consulted over 30 organizations on change management and leadership, employee engagement, patient experience, leadership development, business optimization and financial improvement.Through her creation of a change leadership curriculum and leadership development workshops, she has provided professional development for thousands of employees and leaders.

Kristie was a PED Talk speaker for the 2018 Pursue Your Passion Conference; according to our post-event survey, attendees agreed that she knocked it out of the park! We are happy to welcome Kristie to speak at this year’s conference in a longer format. 

Diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at age 20, Kristie used her recovery journey to provide empowerment, mentorship and inspiration to others on her blog,

Additionally, Kristie serves as the Strategic Advisor and Governance Operations Team Lead for the Mayor of Pensacola, she is on the Board of Directors for Ronald McDonald House Northwest Chapter, and she’s an Organizational Consultant for Gulf Coast Kid’s House and Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast. 

At this year’s conference, Kristie’s keynote speech will center on “Owning Your Journey: Owning Your Story, Working to Build Your Network and Never Allowing Yourself to Stop Growing.”