9th Annual Pursue Your Passion Conference

October 18th - 21st


We are so excited you are interested in the 9th Annual Pursue Your Passion Conference by Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast.  We are working hard to finalize this years conference. Please stay tuned for updates. 

Vasavi Kumar

2020 Featured Keynote Speaker

Vasavi Kumar

Storytelling: How to Show up with Presence, Vulnerability and Power

Whether you are inspiring your organization to lead a change, setting a powerful vision, teaching valuable lessons or defining the company culture and values, storytelling is useful in far more situations than most leaders realize. The ability to craft and deliver great stories is a critical presentation skill that all leaders should have in their communication toolbox.

5 Key Takeaways

  1. Understanding which specific experiences in your life inspired, pushed and brought you to where you are today, both personally and professionally.
  2. How to find your unique voice so you can clearly and authentically speak from your values.
  3. How to effectively use metaphors and analogies to turn a good story into a great story.
  4. The key elements of telling a well-crafted story.
  5. How to use stories to make strong business connections.

2020 Speaker

Anna Hemmings

Staying Ahead of the Game with the Resilient Leader's Toolkit

A resilient leader knows where they are strong, their areas for development, what takes them from pressure to stress and how to rebalance. They find ways through uncertainty, change and even crisis by having confidence in who they are and what they do. They create, build and take opportunities, bouncing back from adversity. Anna will explore the Resilient Leaders Elements Model and bring this to life using her journey as an Olympic athlete, world champion, entrepreneur and expert in the field of resilience to reveal the behaviours, actions and strategies that leaders need to be resilient and have impact. Audiences will learn: a. The importance of clarity of direction and how to create a unifying purpose, b. How to develop leadership presence so you can have impact and build strong relationships, c. How to engage and motivate teams by understanding what drives us and others in our teams, d. Strategies for resilient decision making and thinking correctly under pressure, e. How to build the confidence to navigate through uncertainty and change.

Speaker-Anna Hemmings
Speaker-Cheryl Kirby

2020 Speaker

Dr. Cheryl Kirby

Adapting and Thriving in Light of COVID-19

Business owners continue to experience ramifications from the coronavirus pandemic, which has affected the entire world. The Florida Small Business Network has pivoted to adapt and is positioned to help others do the same. Let’s examine exactly how women have been affected and explore some strategies for adjusting to these unprecedented times. It is possible to thrive and continue to grow, and we’ll discuss methods for recovery and success.

2020 Conference Sponsors

Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast would like to thank all of our Sponsors for their generous support of the 2020 Pursue Your Passion Conference.